Scienscope Visual Inspection Line

Some say modern optics began in ancient Greece, where Euclid worked out the geometry of lenses. By the 15th century, compound lenses gave us better microscopes, better telescopes—and led Galileo to be labeled a heretic for what he saw.  Today, we have it easy. We have Scienscope.

Scienscope 4K SmartCam-Ultra with Autofocus

Simply put: This is the most advanced Scienscope inspection camera to date. Put vivid image on a live monitor with up to 4K resolution. Get 8.2-megapixel images over USB 3.0 or WiFi. Access a host of onboard image processing and measurement tools with a simple mouse—and enjoy all the connectivity features you’d expect with a modern, intuitive interface.

Using WiFi or USB 3.0

  • Measure and annotate using included software
  • Image and video capture using included software or your Microsoft Windows camera app
  • Export measurement data
  • Email or print images directly from the camera

Using HDMI

  • Live measurement and annotation tools
  • Image and video capture to SD card or USB flash drive
  • Split-screen live image and captured images for real-time comparison
  • Access onboard image and video gallery for review
  • Export measurement data to SD card or USB flash drive


Parallel Stereo Zoom Microscope | CMO-PK12-E1

  • E-Series 20° Binocular Head with 10x Eyepieces (Pair)
  • 1:6 Zoom Body (0.8x-5x)
  • 0.5x Achromatic objective lens
  • Quadrant compact LED ring light (IL-LED-E1Q)
  • 76mm focus mount, and dual arm boom stand
  • 0.4x video coupler and beam splitter

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Trinocular Microscope | NZ-PK12-E1

  • NZ stereo zoom TRUE trinocular head
  • 10x eyepieces and eye guards
  • Dual arm boom stand with 76mm e-arm
  • 0.5x auxiliary lens, 0.4x video coupler
  • Quadrant compact LED ring light. (IL-LED-E1Q)

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Macro Zoom Inspection System | MAC-PK5D-4KSC-E2D-AF

  • MACRO video zoom optics (up to 65x magnification with 8" working distance)
  • Dual arm boom stand
  • Diffused compact LED ring light (IL-LED-E2D)

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Micro Zoom Inspection System | MZ7A-PK2-4KSC-AF

  • MZ7A Micro-Zoom video zoom optics
  • 0.5x video coupler, zoom body
  • Dual illuminated LED track stand
  • Course and fine focus with NEW diffused LED ring light (IL-LED-E2D)

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Manuf Part Number TestEquity Part Number Description
SZ-PK3FX-E1 696IN0053 Scienscope SSZ Binocular System HD Articulating Arm E1 LED
SZ-PK5D-E1 696IN0051 Scienscope Stereo Zoom Binocular Microscope w/ LED Ring
SZ-PK10-E1 696IN984 Scienscope Trinocular Micro-Scope Dual Arm w/ LED Ring


Manuf Part Number TestEquity Part Number Description
NZ-PK3FX-E1 10000233 Scienscope NZ-PK3FX-E1 NZ Series Stereo Zoom Binocular Microscope with Heavy Duty Articulating Arm and Compact LED Ring Light
NZ-PK5D-E1 696IN7963 Scienscope NZ Stereo Zoom Binocular System
NZ-PK10-E1 696IN5210 Scienscope NZ Trinocular System Dual Arm E1 LED Ring