Kester NP510-LT HRL1 Low Temp Solder Paste

Kester NP510-LT HRL1 | Low Temperature Solder Paste

Enabling technology providing similar drop shock and thermal cycle performance to SAC305 for many applications while reflowing under 200 °C.


Kester NP510-LT HRL1 Solder Paste

Kester NP510-LT HRL1 Solder Paste

Eliminates thermally induced defects such as BGA, Head-in-Pillow, and Non-Wet Opens.

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Reflow under 200 °C

For specific applications, NP510-LT with HRL1 alloy can provide similar drop shock and thermal cycling performance to that of SAC305 all at reflow temperatures under 200 °C.

Elimination of Thermally Induced Defects

By reflowing under 200 °C, less thermal stress is applied to the PCB and components, minimizing PCB and component warpage which eliminates defects related to higher temperatures.

Superior Printing Performance

NP510-LT HRL1 has excellent print characteristics at area ratios of 0.60 and above, especially on fine feature devices. Long stencil life lasting up to 8 hours.

Outstanding Void Performance

NP510-LT HRL1 provides outstanding void performance, typically providing 50% of what you normally see with SAC-based solder pastes.