Static is always waiting. Get Spartan constant monitoring from Transforming Technologies.

Wrist strap grounding is the best defense against static damage. But wrist straps wear out over time, and testing wrist straps before each shift is cumbersome. Spartan Constant Monitors save time, money and help prevent ESD damage by continuously testing the wrist straps throughout the workday.

How it works
Spartan Constant Monitoring detects the capacitance of the wrist strap and ground. If the connection to the person or to ground fails, there is an ESD problem and the Spartan Constant Monitor provides visual and audible alarms.

Calibration and Verification
Spartan constant monitors are adjustment free and require no annual calibration. If your quality control program requires routine testing, a tool is available to verify that the ESD monitor is functioning normally.


Spartan Series Constant Monitoring by Transforming Technologies

  • Continuously checks ESD status
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • Compatible with standard single wire wrist straps and most ESD mats
  • Easy to use: Simply plug in wrist strap
  • Factory calibrated—no adjustments required

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CM300 – Spartan One

Designed for one operator
Monitors one wrist strap

CM310 – Spartan Two

Designed for one operator
Monitors one wrist strap & one work surface

CM320 – Spartan Pro

Designed for two operators
Monitors two wrist straps & one work surface