Working at the micro scale? Move with a quicker PACE

The PACE MT-200 thermal tweezer bundle from PACE is your all-in-one solution for quick, safe removal of surface mount components. The tweezer tips are ideal for micro-components including 0201s, 0402s and 0603s, but also make quick work of SOTs, D-PAKs, SOICs and TSOPs. Simply put: the MT-200 gets the job done in a natural, one-handed motion.

Featured products in this Bundle:

PACE AccuDrive Soldering Station | ASD200
  • Set precise temperatures without calibration or cartridge changes
  • Advanced electronics provide instantaneous load sensing and on-demand power to quickly reflow solder joints at safer, lower temperatures, regardless of the mass of the application.
  • ESD safe ANSI/ESD S13.1-2015 and S20.20

MiniTweez Precision Thermal Tweezer | MT-200
  • Gear-action movement and multi-axis tip alignment provides ultimate accuracy and control
  • Works with Pace Blue-Series tip-heater cartridges that heat up quickly, can be swapped in seconds, and provide up to 120 Watts of power per tip pair
  • Works with PACE AccuDrive power sources and Blue-Series tip-Heater Cartridges

1mm Chip Removal Tips | MT-200
  • MT-200 MiniTweez Thermal Tweezer Tip-Heater Cartridges are for designed for reworking miniature sized chip components
  • Adjustment gap between the tips reduces grip stress and operator fatigue

Instant SetBack Tool Stand | MT-200
  • >Allows safe, secure holding of handpiece, hot tips, tip tool, and other accessories
  • Can be mounted to the side of a PACE power source
  • Low-abrasive, coiled-metal dry wipe helps remove fluxes and oxides without damaging tips
  • Includes sponge/water well