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Solder: You can find it behind every innovation. Behind every circuit. Every signal. Every line of code. Thanks to engineers and soldering, we have many revolutionary inventions that have changed our world. Electronic production runs on solder. Soldering delivers innovation.

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5,000 years ago—long before electronics even existed as a modern craze, historical evidence shows signs of soldering to make jewelry, cookware, tools, and many other items. It is hard to say who first discovered how to "glue" metals. However, looking back, one the most impressive achievements can be attributed to the ancient Romans. They soldered 400 km of lead water pipes with seams which could withstand 18 ATM. Note: 1ATM (or 1 atmosphere) is the normal atmospheric pressure in day-to-day life at sea level.

The art of soldering has improved and become more sophisticated from culture to culture, generation to generation. The in­dus­trial revolution of the 20th cen­tury established sol­der­ing as a common man­u­fac­tur­ing process. And thanks to a 100-year-old patented invention (1921), the first manufactured soldering iron began production.

Soldering has revolutionized and changed our world. Just 50 years ago a computer was still the size of a room with a team of people required to make it work. Today, we have an array of electronic innovations at our fingertips.

Many people use electronics with little to no idea how it was made. Thanks to electrical engineers and soldering, we have many revolutionary inventions that have changed our world.

Good soldering technique takes time. And soldering is an art form that takes time to get right.