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Tec-Cut 758PL5140 Cutter Infinity Sml Oval Head Full Flush

758PL5140 MFG #: 758PL5140
$45.05 /
  • Cut: Semi Flush
  • Cutting Wire Range: Up to 18AWG
  • Head Style: Oval
  • Head Thickness: 0.25inch
  • Head Width: 0.39inch
  • Jaw Length: 0.39inch
  • Drill Down Description: Cutter Infinity Sml Oval Head Full Flush
  • Model: 758PL5140
  • Overall Length: 4.8inch

  • Description
  • High quality ball-bearing steel
  • 63 Rockwell hardness (HRC)
  • Surface resistance 10^8-10^9 Ohm
  • Perfect symmetry
  • Swiss made

Swiss-made Infinity Elite pliers and cutters are the best you'll ever use. They feature stainless steel dual-leaf springs and matched bearing rings to minimize metal-to-metal contact and friction. The high-quality ball-bearing steel is precisely heat-treated to provide he highest resiliency and toughness, and all tools in the series come backed with a lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship. Unique two-component handles combine a hard plastic core with a soft gripping surface for comfortable finger support for hours of use without fatigue. Static dissipative (106 - 108Ω/sq.), oil, grease and wear-resistant.

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