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MicroCare MCC-ESD TriggerGrip™ Applicator Cleaning System

565CH021 MFG #: MCC-ESD
$44.95 /
  • Description Price Table: ESD Trigger Grip Applicator
  • Drill Down Description: TriggerGrip™ Applicator Cleaning System
  • Features ~ Benefits: Ensures that all four steps (wet, scrub, rinse and dry) of cleaning are implemented properly, which makes cleaning fast and easy.
  • Model: MCC-ESD
  • Note: Aerosol can sold separately
  • S3 Page Number Text: 107, 12, 13, 243, 252, 253, 405, 433, 44, 445
  • S3 Product Index: 122-028

Get Boards Cleaner Faster with Less Solvent & Less Work

  • Description
  • Cuts time & saves you money
  • Reduce cleaning fluid consumption by 66%
  • Fast - cleans PCB in seconds
  • No waste - each can empties completely
  • Safer - reduces chemical vapor build up and splash back
  • Compatible - Works with all MicroCare aerosol cleaners
  • ESD-safe and complies with MIL-STD-2000
  • Aerosol can sold separately

This cleaning system amplifies the cleaning power of fresh, pure solvent with the mechanical scrubbing action of the brush. Because cleaning becomes easier, the TriggerGrip™ tool boosts productivity 5-9%. Because techs use less solvent, annoying fumes are minimized and less solvent is wasted, which also saves money. Perhaps most uniquely, when used with the Bench Mounting Kit part no. 122-024, cans used with the TriggerGrip™ system are guaranteed to empty completely, eliminating wasted solvent and reducing cleaning costs. Comes complete with a 3 ft. armored feeder tube (cannot be damaged by hot solder tips) and an ESD-safe natural bristle brush (RBNB). Optional bench mounting kit part no. 122-024 holds can of solvent and Trigger Grip Applicator. Aerosol can sold separately.

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