Fluke FLUKE-T130 Voltage/Continuity Tester, AC/DC 6-690 V, 400 Hz, Switchable Load, LCD, T Series

Our Part #37958.1


Mfr Part #FLUKE-T130

Fluke FLUKE-T130

Fluke FLUKE-T130 Voltage/Continuity Tester, AC/DC 6-690 V, 400 Hz, Switchable Load, LCD, T Series

Our Part #37958.1


Mfr Part #FLUKE-T130


Fluke T130 Voltage and Continuity Tester


  • 6V - 690V AC/DC voltage
  • 0 - 400 kilohm continuity
  • 0 - 400 Hz frequency
  • 100 V - 690 V phase rotation
  • CAT III 690V / CAT IV 600V safety rating
  • IP64 rating

Features and Highlights

  • Backlit LED indicator
  • Backlit LCD Digital Display
  • Continuity test – visual results
  • Continuity test – audible results (with on/off)
  • Vibratory indicator under load (with on/off)
  • Voltage test
  • Indication of polarity
  • Switchable Load
  • Single pole test for phase detection
  • Rotary field indicator
  • Probe tip protection
  • Voltage display with discharged batteries
  • Electrical torch function
  • Wear indicator test lead wire

The Rugged, High-Quality T130 Tester for Fast Test Results

Every electrician, whether working in industrial, commercial, or household environments, understands the necessity of a reliable two-pole tester. The Fluke T130, built with state-of-the-art measurement and safety technology, is a tool that professionals can trust with their job, reputation, and personal safety.

The T130 not only meets but exceeds expectations, offering a little bit more than what's anticipated. It complies with the most recent safety standards, ensuring safe and reliable test and measurement. A fixed test probe cover is incorporated into the design, preventing the risk of injury when moving the instrument.

The T130 is characterized by its rugged, high-quality construction. It features a heavy-duty molded case, a thicker cord with a wear indicator, a sturdy battery case, and a well-fitting, durable probe protector, all designed to withstand the test of time.

But it's not just about durability. The T150 delivers fast test results, thanks to large, easy-to-use buttons, bright backlights, and clear audible and physical indicators designed for any work situation. Its ergonomic design ensures it feels good in your hand, is easy to use (even with gloves on), and allows for quick, secure probe docking. Moreover, it is compliant with regulation HSE GS 38, further cementing its position as a trusted tool for electricians.

Fluke T Series Testers Overview

The T Series, a complete family of Fluke Two-Pole Voltage and Continuity testers, lets you choose the features, functions, and price/performance to fit your applications and preferences. These voltage and continuity testers with a rotary field indication (T110/T130/T150 only) help electricians quickly determine the phase sequence in three-phase power supplies, ensuring that systems are correctly wired without the need for an additional tool. Four models are available:

  • T90 Voltage/Continuity Tester
  • T110 Voltage/Continuity Tester with switchable load
  • T130 Voltage/Continuity Tester with LCD, switchable load
  • T150 Voltage/Continuity Tester with LCD, Ohms, switchable load

What's in the Box

  • FLUKE-T130 Voltage and Continuity Tester
  • Two 2-AA batteries
  • Instruction sheet

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