Instek MFG-2120MA Arbitrary Function Generator

Our Part #26807.1

Mfr Part #MFG-2120MA

Instek MFG-2120MA

Instek MFG-2120MA Arbitrary Function Generator

Our Part #26807.1


Mfr Part #MFG-2120MA

Estimated Mfr lead time:14 Days

20 MHz AFG with pulse generator, modulation and power amplifier

  • 1 μHz to 20 MHz, Single Channel Function Generator
  • Full Function 25 MHz Pulse Generator
  • 200 MSa/s ARB
  • Frequency Counter: 150 MHz, 8 bits
  • Power Amplifier: Low Frequency, 100 kHz, Output 20 W
  • AM, FM, PM, FSK, PWM, Sweep, Burst, Trigger, Frequency Counter, Modulation
  • Genuine point-by-point output arbitrary waveform function features 200MSa/s, 100 waveform repetition rate, 14 bit resolution and 16k point memory depth
  • Circuit design for ground isolation among output/input terminals and instrument chassis
  • Control interface:USB Host/ USB device
  • 4.3 inch TFT color display
  • Two-year warranty

20 MHz Function generator, 25 MHz Pulse Generator, Modulation and 20 W Power Amplifier
The AFG channel of the MFG-2120MA outputs sine, square, and triangle, etc. It also features true point-by-point output arbitrary waveform characteristics of 200 MHz sample rate, 100 MHz waveform repetition rate, 14 bit resolution, and 16k point memory depth. And its full-function pulse generator with 25 MHz has adjustable pulse width, rise edge time as well as fall edge time, and can be applied as trigger signals.

Isolated Channel Design
The overall design of the MFG-2120MA is earth ground isolation among output/input terminals and instrument chassis as usually found in high-level signal sources. The output channels can sustain maximum isolation voltage up to ±42Vpk (DC+ AC peak value) to earth ground that is ideal for floating circuit tests. Multi-unit outputs can be executed without factoring in grounding reference issue. There is no additional isolation requirement for experiments such as "full-wave rectification" and "voltage doubler" which are easy and safe. An external power supply can bring up the DC bias voltage to ±42Vpk to meet the requirements of higher DC bias voltage such as automotive and educational applications.

Arbitrary Waveform Editing Software
Collocating with AWES (Arbitrary Waveform Editing Software) allows you to easily and quickly edit arbitrary waveforms. DWR (Direct Waveform Reconstruction) allows you to collocate with GDS series digital oscilloscopes to retrieve waveforms and upload them to arbitrary generator to achieve direct waveform reconstruction. 66 built-in waveforms allows you to edit arbitrary waveforms and to output the whole segment or divided segments.

MFG-2000 Series versatile Output Waveform Selections

MFG-2100 Series Sine Wave


MFG-2100 Series Square Wave


MFG-2100 Series Triangle Wave


MFG-2100 Series Ramp Wave


MFG-2100 Series Pulse Wave


MFG-2100 Series Noise Wave


MFG-2100 Series DC Voltage

DC Voltage

MFG-2100 Series Arbitrary Waveform

Arbitrary Waveform

Channel 1
Function W/ ARB
Channel 2
Function W/ ARB
Pulse Generator RF Generator
(Function W/ ARB)
Power Amplifier Modulation / Sweep / Burst /
Frequency Counter
MFG-2110 10 MHz 25 MHz
MFG-2120 20 MHz 25 MHz
MFG-2120MA 20 MHz 25 MHz check check
MFG-2130M 30 MHz 25 MHz check
MFG-2160MR 60 MHz 25 MHz 320 MHz check
MFG-2230M 30 MHz 30 MHz 25 MHz check
MFG-2260M 60 MHz 60 MHz 25 MHz check
MFG-2260MRA 60 MHz 60 MHz 25 MHz 320 MHz check check

Please refer to Product Brochure for complete specifications.

With the multi-functionality channels, the MFG-2120MA provides different industrial sectors with special dual channel waveforms, IQ modulation signals, low-frequency vibration simulation, automotive sensors, AM/FM broadcast signals, PWM motor or fan control signals, pulse synchronized signals, pulse noise, audio circuit or devices such as speaker tests. Accordingly, the MFG-2120MA has uses in a variety of applications including scientific research, education, research and development, production and quality control.

Included with MFG-2120MA: one (1) GTL-101 Test Lead, Quick Start Guide and MFG Software and User's Manual on CD.

Estimated Mfr lead time:14 Days