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Weller WX2023N Soldering Station Set Micro MS WX2 Pwr Unit WXMP MS Iron RTM013MS Tip 120V WSR200 WX Series

10062632 MFG #: WX2023N
$838.00 / EACH
  • Input Voltage: 120V
  • Drill Down Description: Soldering Station Set, Micro MS, WX2 Pwr Unit, WXMP MS Iron, RTM013MS Tip, 120V, WSR200, WX Series
  • Model: WX2023N
  • Series: WX Series

Perfect Set for Standard and Micro Soldering Applications

  • Description
  • 2 Channel Soldering Power Unit Automated Tool Detection
  • USB Ports
  • Temperature stability
  • Intuitive Operation, multilingual
  • Robot Output
  • Traceability ready
  • Integrated Parameter storage in Soldering Iron
  • Active Tip Technology
  • Grip and Tip in one unit

Weller WX stations make the manual soldering process safer, a crucial factor in the automotive, aerospace and medical technology industries. This station set is especially designed to meet the MIL-SPEC / IPC standards to save sensitive components from electrical overstress by using Weller’s RT MS soldering tips. Weller offers a wide range of RT MS tips to solder components with the size from M to L.

A safe soldering process is guaranteed by many features of the Weller WX station like temperature and tool locking, and tool-specific temperature settings.

Integrated USB ports provide the WX bench top control units with a connection to and control over soldering fume extractors, pre-heat plates and programmable logic controllers (PLC).

Firmware updates and registration are quick and easy by using USB sticks. Parameters such as standby temperatures and automatic switch-off time can easily be stored in the soldering iron. Parameters only need to be stored once; the MS soldering iron can then use them with any WX station.

•For high precision pico soldering applications.
•Component size M to L
•Station works as a benchtop controller to control tips, tools, fume extraction and peripheric tools
•2 channels for simultaneous work of 2 tools with intelligent tool detection
•Extremely fast heat-up time: 5 sec.
•Triple awarded active tip technology are fully compliant with MIL-SPEC / IPC Standard
•Intelligent iron with motion sensor and integrated data storage
•Toolless tip change
•Traceability ready
•2-in-1 safety rest for wet and dry tip cleaning.

In the Box:

•2 Channel Soldering Power Unit WX2, 200 W (255W)
•Intelligent Micro Soldering Iron WXMP MS 12V, max. 55W
•Micro Soldering Tip RTM013MS
•Safety Rest WSR 200
•Power Cord
•Operating instruction

Always use MS tips with MS ironsWeller WX2023N Promo Datasheet

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