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High Thermal Demand Soldering Applications

>>> June 14, 2021 at 9 AM PT

Get introduced to the new METCAL™ GT90 and GT120 soldering systems and learn about how this improves soldering performance, throughput and quality for high thermal demand soldering applications using Metcal’s new patented technology combining inductive heating with adjustable temperature.

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Inductive Heating for More Productive Soldering
Metcal’s GT90 & GT120


Metcal introduces its first-ever adjustable temperature soldering systems. With patent-pending induction heating technology, the GT90 and GT120 deliver best-in-class time to temperature, temperature stability, and thermal recovery. These benefits drive better performance, faster throughput and, ultimately, greater production capacity.

  • 90W & 120W systems available
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Password protection
  • 3 temperature settings programs + 1 range setting program
  • USB for firmware updates and powering peripherals
  • Multiple language offerings
  • 1-port system for production and single iron applications

Adjustable temperature allows use of one tip for multiple temperature applications, lowering the cost of inventory for temperature-sensitive components.

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Part No. Description Watts
GT120-HP-T6 GT120 Power Station with HP-T6 Handpiece 120 W
GT90-HP-T4 GT90 w/ HP-T4 Hand-Piece System 90 W
GT120 GT120 Soldering Station Only with Power Adapter 120 W
GT90 GT90 Soldering Station Only with Power Adapter 90 W
Part No. Description Type
GTC-CH0010S GT Cartridge, 1.0 x 10.0 mm Chisel
GTC-CH0018S GT Cartridge, 1.8 x 10.0 mm Chisel
GTC-CH0025S GT Cartridge, 2.5 x 10.0 mm Chisel
GTC-CH0032S GT Cartridge, 3.2 x 10.0 mm Chisel
GTC-CN1505R GT Cartridge, Bent, Reach, 0.5 x 15.0mm Conical
GT6-CH0010S GT Tip, T6, 1.0 x 10.0 mm Chisel
GT6-CH0018S GT Tip, T6, 1.8 x 10.0 mm Chisel
GT6-CH0025S GT Tip, T6, 2.5 x 10.0 mm Chisel
GT6-CN1505R GT Tip, T6, Bent, Reach, .5 x 15.0mm Conical
GT4-CH0010S GT Tip, T4, 1.0 x 10.0 mm Chisel
GT4-CH0014S GT Tip, T4, 1.4 x 10.0 mm Chisel
GT4-CH0018S GT Tip, T4, 1.8 x 10.0 mm Chisel
GT4-CH0025S GT Tip, T4, 2.5 x 10.0 mm Chisel
GT4-CH0040S GT Tip, T4, 4.0 x 10.0 mm Chisel
GT4-CN1505R GT Tip, T4, Bent, Reach, 0.5 x 15.0mm Conical

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