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Weller T0052923299 Soldering Iron Set WXPP MS Iron RTP004SMS Tip WSR208 Safety Rest WX Series

10062634 MFG #: T0052923299
$412.50 / EACH
  • Drill Down Description: Soldering Iron Set, WXPP MS Iron, RTP004SMS Tip, WSR208 Safety Rest, WX Series
  • Model: T0052923299
  • Series: WX Series

Perfect Set for Soldering Tasks Under the Microscope

  • Description
  • For microscope work with components from XS to S
  • Extremely short heat-up time: 3 sec.
  • According to Military Standard
  • Triple awarded active Soldering tips
  • Tip can be exchanged quick and easy
  • Excellent heat transfer
  • Excellent reaction time
  • RT solder tips can be changed quickly and easily
  • Solder wire SAC M1 for best flow behavior and homogeneous flux distribution
  • Erem 5SA precision tweezers, suitable for very fine wires; Swiss Made

Production within the electronics, medical technology and aerospace industries is moving faster as components become smaller, more sensitive, complex and more powerful. The soldering industry is not different. With the Weller RT MS tips you meet these increasing demands and provide maximum protection to the printed circuit board and the component you're soldering. With the MS tips you achieve the best results and keep your operation costs as low as possible. The Weller MS (military standard) soldering tips with active tip technology are fully compliant with IPC industry standards
(IPC - TM-650 2.5.33 Measurement of Electrical Overstress from Soldering Hand Tools) and are also MIL-SPEC compliant.
Extend your Weller WX workbench with a micro soldering tool.

•Huge energy savings through integrated motion sensor - this means that they consume power only when they are actually in use
•Integrated Parameter storage in Soldering Iron
•Grip and Tip in one unit

Weller WXMT MS Promo Soldering Set

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