Webvia.techni-tool.com has been retired and your account has been transitioned to www.techni-tool.com. Please do not hesitate to contact Techni-Tool support at 800-832-4866 if you have any questions, and see our frequently asked questions below.


Q: What is happening?
webvia.techni-tool.com is being retired and replaced with www.techni-tool.com.

Q: Why is this change happening?
We’re continuously looking for ways to improve the customer experience on our websites. We’ve listened to your feedback about webvia.techni-tool.com and we are confident this change will improve your buying experience with us.

Q: Will my pricing remain the same?
Yes. The pricing you’ve enjoyed on webvia.techni-tool.com will be available on www.techni-tool.com.

Q: Will my username and password change?
Yes. If you have an existing account on www.techni-tool.com, you can continue to use it without interruption. For new accounts, your email address will be your new username. If you do not know your password, go to the Login page and click on “Forgot password?”. On the next screen, you can enter your email address and an email will be sent to you with instructions for resetting it.

Q: Will I be able to see order history for orders placed on webvia.techni-tool.com?
No. The order history available on webvia.techni-tool.com will not be available on www.techni-tool.com. Only the order history for orders placed on www.techni-tool.com will be available.

Q: Who do I contact for questions and help?
Please call 800-832-4866 or email support@techni-tool.com for any issues you experience with logging in, checking out, or anything else.

Q: Will my account manager change?
No. Your account manager will remain the same.