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May 2, 2012
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New Products
Flexible,  efficient ESD-protected storage for small parts.
Stylish industrial design cabinets feature
conductive polypropylene frame, galvanized steel shelves, conductive bins and labels.
Formulated for cleaning, maintaining and enhancing static dissipative surfaces.
Part of a comprehensive suite of static control treatments, cleaner removes oils, dirt and other contaminants
from the floor surface without affecting the finish.
New polyurethane seating  maximizes airflow for maximum comfort.
Durable and comfortable with vented seat and back for extra airflow; available in Tilt and Non-Tilt models.
When is it Time to Transition to a Higher Bandwidth Oscilloscope?
Let's just say the answer is somewhat less obvious than knowing when you need to move up to the next belt notch. See why size matters.

Technology News
Robot Reconnoiters Uncharted Terrain
Researchers have now developed a mobile robot that can roam uncharted terrain and simultaneously map it – all thanks to an algorithm toolbox.
A Glimpse Into the Future: Self-Driving Pods
Sometimes I can't help but feel like I'm witnessing the real-world arrival of The Jetsons, a science fiction cartoon I watched with an embarrassing amount of regularity as a kid.
Single molecule motor
Researchers have created the smallest electric motor ever devised. Made from a single molecule just a billionth of a meter across, it could have applications in both nanotechnology and in medicine, where tiny amounts of energy can be put to efficient use.
BBC News
Why Seeing Around Corners May Become Next 'Superpower'
Superman had X-ray vision, but a pair of scientists has gone one better: seeing around corners.
Live Science

Sustain the Gains of Lean Improvements
So how do you maintain momentum for your lean transformation? It�s all in the eye of the beholder.

Harnessing Nature's Solar Cells
Photovoltaic panels made from plant material could become a cheap, easy alternative to traditional solar cells. Within a few years, people in remote villages in the developing world may be able to make their own solar panels using otherwise worthless agricultural waste.
Implementing 5S in Assembly Plants
5S encourages assemblers to improve their working conditions and helps them to reduce waste, downtime and in-process inventory.
Trouble in Your Tank: OSP Coatings, Thickness and Solderability
A substantial discussion on the OSP chemistry itself, the issue of thin versus thick OSP coatings and overall OSP performance under lead-free assembly conditions.
Surface Mount Technology
Managing test code provides flexibility
Characterizing analog components in an R&D lab requires many voltage, current, gain, or impedance measurements. Automated test systems can provide measurement consistency and relieve engineers of the tedious task of manual data recording.
EE Times

Reducing Hand Injuries Goes Beyond "Putting on Gloves"
We pull no punches in this hard-hitting, big-picture look at hand safety.
Techni-Tool eNews Sponsor
Agilent- Free built-in WaveGen voltmeter plus new 1GHz models

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Lead-free SMT Soldering Defects - How to Prevent Them
We all know what an ounce of prevention is worth. So how many pounds of potential problems might a little expert knowledge spare you?

Industry News
Agilent Technologies Adds 1-GHz Models and DVM Capability to Award-Winning InfiniiVision X-Series Oscilloscopes - These new oscilloscopes address the growing need for higher-bandwidth bench scopes.
New Brady BMP®53 Label Maker features network card for wireless printing - Bluetooth® technology in new portable printer allows customers to create and print labels with smart phones

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