Weller soldering products

Weller Solder Stations, Soldering Irons and Tips

The Weller name has long been synonymous with quality and innovation in the field of soldering. As an authorized distributor, Techni-Tool stocks a large selection of Weller soldering stations including the best-selling WD1 and intelligent WX series, a broad assortment of soldering irons and tips, plus a variety of fume extraction equipment, hot air rework systems and other application solutions to meet your most complex electronics manufacturing challenges.
Weller Soldering Station, WES51, 120v, 50w, ETA Tip - 272SO5111 Weller WX2021 Soldering Station, Dual Channel, 120V - 272SO5321 Weller Soldering Station, WTCPT, ESD Safe, 24V, 42W - 272IR365