Change Notice
Federal Tax Identification Number

With TestEquity LLC’s acquisition of Techni-Tool Inc., we are excited to offer a single-source for test solutions and electronic production supplies to support our customers entire lifecycle from design to production to service.

As we develop a unified approach to provide the best-in-class experience, we will continue to update our customers and partners with important changes.

Effective 01/01/2019, please update your records and systems accordingly to reflect our new federal tax identification number. Techni-Tool will continue to operate as a division of TestEquity LLC. All other information remains unchanged.

New Information
Payee: TestEquity LLC or Techni-Tool
Federal Tax ID: 65-1261392
DUNS: 62-342-5563
Remittance Address: No change. Payment detail can be found on your invoice.
New W9 Form

Previous Information
Payee: Techni-Tool
Federal Tax ID: 23-1646393
DUNS: 04-225-6222
Remittance Address: As reflected on your invoice

This change does not impact in any way our ability to continue to provide the service levels you require and as such we ask that Techni-Tool continues to be on your approved vendor list under a new federal ID number.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your local Techni-Tool account manager or contact us at (800) 832-4866 or via email at

We appreciate your business and continued support.

Techni-Tool, a TestEquity Division