Pros always know the right tool to use.
Techni-Tool makes sure you always have it at hand.

Sound familiar? You tote around tons of tools and dig through crowded tool bags only to discover that the one you REALLY need is nowhere to be found? Wouldn't it make more sense to have the exact tools you rely on to get the job done right - nothing more and nothing less? All conveniently organized and securely packed in a personalized case ideally suited to whatever work environments you might find yourself in... but who wants to spend valuable time sorting through jumbled tools and trying to keep track of each piece of equipment?

Techni-Tool makes it easy with our Design-A-Kit program, letting you create a customized tool kit to fit your needs and your budget. We've been building tool kits for over 50 years, and experience has taught us what combinations of tools work best for what applications. We put that knowledge into every tool kit we offer. But we've also learned that professionals like you sometimes have unique needs and preferences that require different solutions. Whether you want a pre-built kit with just a few changes, or a completely new kit designed from scratch, our tool experts will make the process quick and easy. Once your high-quality, hand-assembled Design-A-Kit is completed, we can produce one kit or a thousand – any time you need it! You can outfit your organization anywhere in the world with fully-stocked, custom designed tool kits. Need replacement tools or additional kits? All it takes is a single phone call.

Improve your organization, efficiency, and professional image with a tool kit as uniquely suited to your job as- well, you are! Give us a call today to start building the tool kit you've always wanted!