American Beauty
New American Beauty Solder Pots - use less solder!
New Amprobe NCV-1030 and NCV-1040 Non-Contact Voltage Probes provide pocket-sized convenience!
Get a FREE power supply with the purchase of select driver series.
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New Bevco Value-Line ESD-Safe Upholstered Chairs
15% off Select Bevco ESD Chairs
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Desco: Statguard Dissipative Floor finish 5 Gal 15% off.
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Hakko CHP Brushless and Brush Electric Torque Tools
Buy Two FX-951 Soldering Stations, Get 1 Free
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The Huntron Access RF Prober Station provides everything you need for consistent near-field measurements of RF signals.
New Tool Kit and Storage Solutions from Jensen!
Save 20% on Selected Lewis Conductive Bins!
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Luxo By Unitron 14710 Zoom HD Digital Macro Zoom Inspection System
New Connection Validation Handpieces and Upgrade Kits!
Introducing the AC-STC Solder Tip Cleaner
Introducing New High Power Cartridge Bundles: Buy (5) High Thermal Demand Soldering Cartridges and Get a FREE MX or CV Upgrade Kit!
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OC White: Buy an Accu-Lite Magnifier, get FREE lens!
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NEW ST 925 3-piece combo rework system saves you more than $147 compared to the total price of all components if purchased separately!
New ADS200 Accudrive Production Soldering Station and Tips - provides accurate tip temperatures with maximum heat delivery
New Pace 8007-0584, 120V ADS200 AccuDrive Bundle With 4 Free Tips
10% off select ESD-Safe Circuit Board Shippers!
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SCS: 724 Dual Conductor monitor - 15%
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Techni-Tool private label chemicals deliver the same great performance for far less than competing brands.
TestEquity: Complete Workstation with LED Overhead Light, Starting at $688.
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Educators SAVE 15% on bench equipment every day!
The revolutionary 5 Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes set a new standard for performance, analysis, and overall user experience.
New TestEquity Polyimide Tape for electrical and thermal applications
New Vision-Luxo LFM LED G2 Series Round Magnifiers
Three Ultralight Princess heat guns for the price of two!
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