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New Metcal High Power Cartridge Bundles!

Includes 5 New High Power Cartridges and an MX or CV HIGH POWER Hand-Piece Kit.  Save up to $245!
Offer Ends 12/31/2019
5 of the New High Power Cartridges 
Metcal Chisel tips
  HCV-7CH0025S 2.5 mm Chisel tip
  HCV-8CH0025S 2.5 mm Chisel tip
  HCV-9CH0025S 2.5 mm Chisel tip
  HCV-9CH0053S 5.3 mm Chisel tip
  HCV-9VG0053S 5.3 mm V-Groove-Chisel tip
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MX or CV High Power Hand-Piece Kit!
Save up to $245
Metcal MX or CV High Power Hand-Piece Kit!
Click here for CV-UK6
Click here for MX-UK6

Metcal's High Thermal Demand hand-piece and tips transform the MX- or CV-5200 Soldering System into a powerhouse.

The Kit is supplied with...
  • 2.5 mm chisel Tips in 3 different temperature ranges.
  • A 5.3 mm chisel Tip. 
  • A 5.3 mm V-groove chisel Top ideal for soldering high mass THT pins which requires higher temperature.
Metcal's HCV-solution provides a boost in performance by more effectively delivering thermal energy to the most demanding loads.
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