Desco  Wave Distortion Monitoring Technology

When Reliability Matters Most

Do you manufacture products that contain ESD-sensitive components? If so, you know the importance of ensuring that operators remain grounded at all times. Sooner or later a wrist strap will fail.

When you can’t afford to take risks, high-quality, field-proven wave distortion monitoring products from Desco provide the most reliable, stable confirmation of continuous path-to-ground. Protect your manufacturing workflow. Because your business and your reputation are only as good as the products you produce.

100% Protection, Worry-Free Production

Basic Capacitance/Impedance Resistance Wave Distortion Capacitance/ Impedance
1 Megohm Safety Resistor Monitoring Some Yes Yes
Desco monitors the required lower and upper limits for wrist straps from the ANSI/ESD S20.20-2104.
Test Voltage 3.5 V Up to 16 V 1.2 V
Lower voltage reduces the risk of damage when handling ESD susceptible devices.
Banana Jack Monitoring Yes No Yes
Alarms when the connection between the banana plug and monitor's jack is intermittent or fails.
Response Time ~1 Second Up to 2 Seconds <50 Milliseconds
Instantaneous detection of an intermittent or failure in the path-to-ground of the operator or work surface.
In-Use Verification No Some Yes
Verify test limits of Wave Distortion Monitors without removing from workstations.

Wave Distortion Products
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Desco 19239 Mini Continuous Monitor with North American Plug
Desco 19651 Multi-Mount Continuous Monitor with North American Plug
Remote Alarm for Desco 19653 Multi-Mount Monitor
Desco 19246 Dual Operator Monitor, 120VAC
Desco 19325 Full Time Continuous Monitor
548MU471 548ST9651 548ST9653 211ST9246 464-351
Continuous Mini Monitor with North American Plug Multi-Mount Continuous Monitor with North American Plug Remote Alarm for Multi-Mount Monitor Dual Operator Monitor, 120VAC Full Time Continuous Monitor
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