COVID-19 Solutions - Workplace Safety Dividers

Social Distancing is More than Good Practice - It’s Essential!

Keep Your Employees Safe and Productive

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There’s never been a more important time to keep workspaces safe and clean. Allow your essential employees to work safely in adherence with social distance guidelines with durable workplace dividers from Conductive Containers, Inc. (CCI).

CCI dividers provide cost-effective, easy-to-assemble protection:

  • Ensure employee safety
  • ESD-safe
  • IPA-safe – cleanable with IPA
  • No tooling required - choose between several standard solutions

Economical CFP Panels

This single wall CFP conductive fluted plastic panel can be easily mounted at
workstations with zip ties or clamps. This is a quick and economical way to create a
safer, cleanable workspace.

L x W Part No. Price
38" x 31.5" 10051071 $31.50

Windowed CFP Panels

To separate workspaces but to keep communication and visibility, CCI’s CFP panels with KleanStat Flex windows are a perfect solution. Flanges on the bottom and at back of the panel allow the panels to be attached to the bench with a PSA of your choice. The panels are IPA cleanable, while maintaining ESD properties.

L x W Part No. Price
30" x 24" 10051072 $95.50

Kleanstat Curtains

This design allow you to hang curtains to separate workstations for a long term solution to worker safety. The curtains can be made with 1.25” holes or with a loop to fit a similar diameter rod or metal bracket. Develop a bracket that fits with your workbench and CCI will provide curtains to slide on. The curtains will provide years of ESD protection and they can be cleaned regularly with IPA and retain the static dissipative properties. Both materials have long term properties. The TPU has better outgassing properties while the PVC is more economical.

L x W w/Holes w/Welded Loop Price w/Holes w/Welded Loop Price
23" x 30" 10051079 10051073 $33.75 10051082 10051076 $15.00
23" x 48" 10051080 10051074 $49.50 10051083 10051077 $20.40
23" x 60" 10051081 10051075 $60.00 10051084 10051078 $24.00

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