Value-added Services

Techni-Tool is happy to offer a number of additional resources and assets to our customers to further enhance your experience with us, and to better equip you with the knowledge, information, savings and benefits that will help you address your ever-changing needs. Whether it's cost-saving solutions, online data bases, specialized product services, technical training or logistics, Techni-Tool is always looking for new and innovative ways to serve you more efficiently and continue to provide the world-class support you expect!

Technical SupportTechni-Tool Support
In addition to over $10 million in inventory and access to over a million products, Techni-Tool offers a number of FREE services to our customers. To help you quickly and efficiently get information, solve problems, save money, and get the most out of your purchases.

Logistics Services - Tool Crib, Vending Machines, Third Party LogisticsLogistics
Techni-Tool gives you access to a number of services designed to streamline your operations and take away much of the hassle of stocking and redistributing. Services such as our Tool Crib program, Vending Machine program, third party logistics, and scheduled orders guarantee you always have the exact materials you need at the exact time you need.

eProcurement - B2B ServiceseProcurement
We use all the latest account management features to help you manage spending. We have partnerships with many B2B services and other programs to streamline ordering and inventory processes. See how we can help you manage your inventory and budget more efficiently!

GovernmentGovernment Services
Our expert government team is fully versed in federal acquisition regulations, and prepared to help you with a variety of services. Techni-Tool currently holds a contract for GSA Federal Supply Schedule 66: Scientific Equipment and Services - GS-07F-284BA, and many of our products meet MIL and FED standards.

Specialized Product ServicesSpecialized Product Services
Techni-Tool presents a variety of unique product-related services to help you find exactly what you need at the best price. Stretch your budget even further with our very own, top-of-line Techni-Tool brand products, or have toolkits assembled according to your specific needs.

IPC training, certification, & webinarsWebinars
Techni-Tool frequently partners with some of our top vendors to bring you the most current, useful information on your equipment. View a live demo, engage in real-time Q & A with experts and place orders in real time. Find and register for upcoming webinars.