Techni-Tool Support

In addition to over $10 million in inventory and access to over a million products, Techni-Tool offers a number of FREE services to our customers. To help you quickly and efficiently get information, solve problems, save money, and get the most out of your purchases.

  • Sales Force & Account Managers Techni-Tool has a full support team located throughout the United States as well as international support.  Our customer service is world class, and our technical experts are always ready to help you understand the latest technologies, tools and applications, and make the right product choice. Our national account coordinators give you and your business the personal attention you deserve, working with our customer service and sales teams on your behalf to make sure we’re always meeting your needs. [CLICK for more information]

  • Quote Request Request a quote for an order, any size, and a Techni-Tool representative will get back to you within a single business day. Call 800-832-4866 for information, or [CLICK for Form].

  • Global Distribution Techni-Tool distributes to over 100 countries –so wherever your facilities are located, we’ll make sure they have the same quality tools, test equipment and production supplies you know and trust. Plus, we now have distribution centers on both coasts to better serve you! Just one more way Techni-Tool adds value by helping you maintain consistent process and quality control while simplifying purchasing and inventory management. For more information on International Sales, call 800-832-4866 or email

  • On-Site Show Stage an onsite product showcase right at your location! As the leading full-line distributor in the field, no one offers more electronic production products from more top manufacturers. So we have the materiel, the contacts and the expertise to arrange a product showcase right at your facility. No travel means no wasted time, expense or hassle for you. We’ll even tailor the focus to your specific areas of interest. Want to see what’s hot in test equipment? Soldering essentials? Fume extraction? Inspection devices? Hand tools? Tool kits? Workstations? You name it, and we’ll bring it. [CLICK for form]

  • ESD/Chemical Audits Techni-Tool conducts FREE ESD and Chemical facility audits to help locate and fix problems, suggest alternate product choices, and save you money!

    • ESD Audits
      Preventing ESD events can save production downtime and lost revenue. Our ESD audits help locate areas where events may occur and advise you how to correct the problem. We'll tour your facility with you, document any problem areas and suggest solutions. This service can save you thousands of dollars and boost production.

    • Chemical Audits
      During a chemical audit we review all the chemicals you routinely use. We'll tour your facility with you, and may include a representative from one of our chemical vendors. We check the chemicals you're using for each task, ensuring it's the correct and most economical choice for the job. We'll also review your chemical storage and disposal facilities, making certain they meet environmental and any HazMat regulations. Our audits are documented so you can review and correct problem areas and stop wasting money on less effective chemicals. [CLICK for form]

  • MSDS Library Our extensive MSDS library is a great resource for data on our many chemical and chemical compound products. For more details on safe handling, physical properties, storage, disposal and other important information on our products, CLICK HERE.

  • Video & Demo Library Techni-Tool has compiled a number of educational and instructive videos and demonstrations on some of our top products in order to make the most current information easily available to you. With interactive demos and useful product presentations from top brands like Keysight Technologies, Fluke, Pelican and Weller, you can find even more ways to get the most out of your favorite products. You can even request your own on-site demo on any specific product you’d like a closer look at! Online demos can be found [HERE], and additional videos and presentations [HERE].  

  • Account Benefits Registered website customers have a number of benefits available to them, including order tracking, easy re-order, order history access and customized reports. Ask your Sales Representative for details!