Techni-Tool gives you access to a number of services designed to streamline your operations and take away much of the hassle of stocking and redistributing. Services such as our Tool Crib program, Vending Machine program, third party logistics, and scheduled orders guarantee you always have the exact materials you need at the exact time you need.

  • Third Party Logistics Techni-Tool is fully equipped to take away the headache and hassle of buying and supplying. We offer customized, integrated solutions including procurement, warehousing and delivery of products, so that you and your business can focus on what’s important for you. We’ll not only acquire the products you need, we’ll also store them and ship them right to customers for you. Ask your Sales Representative for more information!

  • Tool Cribs Techni-ToolCrib marries the power of the web with the convenience of an iPod to put inventory control and account management right at your finger tips. Not only can you improve process control through reserved inventory, bar-coded products and shelves, and web-based account management, but you’ll see the savings add up! For more information call our tool crib specialists at 877-515-8665 today!

  • Vending Machine Program Tool Control at the push of a button! Techni-Tool now offers point-of-work vending to streamline and control the distribution of tools and other supplies at your facility. Lower material costs, reduced inventory, and increased productivity all help save you money using this innovative dispensing program. For more information, CLICK HERE.

  • Scheduled Orders Do you know you’ll need certain products at a later date? Want to be sure you have the tools you need, when you need them? We can schedule future orders for you, to be shipped where and when you specify. Ask your Sales Representative for details!

  • Bagging, Kitting, Tagging and Bar coding Do you need materials or products individually packaged and labeled? We can supply you with whatever materials you need in convenient kits prepared to your specifications, including added bar codes for easier identification and processing. Ask your Sales Representative for more information!