MicroCare Buy a Case Get a Free TriggerGrip MicroCare

MicroCare™ Flux Removers & TriggerGrip™ Cut Time & Save Money:

The risks of not cleaning circuit boards and other sensitive electronics are real. Harmful flux can compromise reliability and product life. There’s a better way to clean so you don’t waste time and money. TriggerGrip™ PCB Cleaning Dispenser from MicroCare eliminates over spray, use slashes cleaning fluid consumption by up to 66%, and reduces unhealthy fume exposure.
The tool, which clips easily onto MicroCare aerosol flux removers, enables a thorough wet-scrub-rinse-dry process in seconds, so all you need is at your fingertips. This easy-to-use tool is ideal for cleaning after rework and repair, especially with hard-to-clean lead-free materials. 

For a limited time, get TriggerGrip and Bench Mounting Kit ($59 value) free of charge when you purchase a case of MicroCare flux remover.

Part No. Description
MCC-DC1-PROMO  No-Clean Flux Remover, Aerosol, 10 oz., 12/Case
MCC-DC115A-PROMO No-Clean Flux Remover - VeriClean, Aerosol - 15 oz., 12/Case
MCC-FRC-PROMO FRC Flux Remover "C" , Aerosol, 10.5 oz.,12/Case
MCC-BAC-PROMO IPA-Based Flux Remover Aerosol 12 oz.,12/case
MCC-PRO-PROMO Alcohol-Enhanced Flux Remover, Aerosol, 12 oz., 12/case
MCC-PRO16A-PROMO Alcohol-Enhanced Flux Remover- ProClean, 12/case
MCC-UFR10A-PROMO Universal Flux Remover, 12/case
MCC-PFR10A-PROMO Polar Flux Remover for Lead-Free, 12/case
MCC-VOC10A-PROMO VOC Free Flux Remover-Ultraclean, 12/case
MCC-EC7M-PROMO Slow Drying Flux Remover (Citrus), 12/case
MCC-PW210A-PROMO PW2 Power Cleaner, Aerosol, 10.5 oz., 12/case
MCC-SPR-PROMO SPR Super Clean Defluxer, Aerosol, 12 oz., 12/case
MCC-SPR19A -PROMO Heavy Duty Flux Remover - SuperClean - Aerosol - Economy Size, 12/case