Menda Reztore® ESD-Safe Hand Lotion


Reztore® ESD-Safe Hand Lotion. 

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  • Available in scented or unscented formula
  • Dissipative formulation creates a superior path to ground
  • Contains aloe vera, moisturizers, and vitamins
  • No lanolin, silicone, mineral oil, or insulators (ESD-Safe)
  • Non-acidic to prevent corrosion of electronic components


Special ESD formulation for the electronic manufacturing environment; will not insulate skin like regular lotions. Moisturizing formula improves wrist strap contact with skin and relieves chapping and insulating dry skin.


Part No. Manufacturer Part No. Description
548ST660 35660 Reztore® ESD-Safe Hand Lotion, Scented, 8 oz. Bottle
548ST1082 35661 Reztore® ESD-Safe Hand Lotion, Scented, 32 oz. Pump Bottle
10020081 35659 Reztore® ESD Hand Lotion, Unscented, 8 oz. Bottle
548ST667 35667 Reztore® ESD-Safe Hand Lotion, Unscented, 32 oz. Pump Bottle