Man Your Stations!

Reliable and repeatable near field measurements of RF signals.

The Huntron Access RF Prober Station provides everything you need for consistent measurements of RF signals. This comprehensive system integrates a Huntron Access 2 Prober, a Keysight spectrum analyzer, and Langer RF near field probes under the control of Huntron Workstation software to robotically place a near field “sniffer probe” precisely where it is needed. The benefit is a minimum 10:1 improvement in probing time compared to manual methods. The RF Probe is placed over Virtual Test Points (VTP's) where spectrum analyzer measurements are captured on a powered circuit card. The Huntron Workstation software lets you capture, store and compare waveforms to assist you in locating problem areas on your circuit board.

* Single head flying probe tester for capturing RF measurements on a stimulated CCA
* Sized for medium to large PCAs
* Exceptional accuracy for precise placement of an RF near field probe
* Durable design for many years of service

Includes: Keysight N9935A Spectrum Analyzer, Langer RF Probe Kit, 40GHz Gore RF Cable 48", Adapter N to SMA (connects to N9935A), Huntron Workstation software CD, Manual on CD, Power cord, USB Cable, Tool Kit, National Instruments Vision Runtime License, (2) Crossbar Assemblies, (2) Slide Bar Extensions, (2) Slide Bar Assembly, PCA Support Kit, (4) Board Spacers (4 slot), and 3/32 Allen Wrench for Stop Blocks  

Huntron Access RF Prober Station
No. 447TE0434…………………………………………..$79,995.00