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This revolutionary new system is the next phase of process control. In addition to SmartHeat Power on Demand technology, which senses thermal load and instantly delivers power to the solder joint, the CV-5210 introduces Connection Validation. This groundbreaking technology evaluates a solder joint’s quality by calculating the intermetallic compound formation and providing closed loop bi-directional feedback to the operator via the LED ringlight located in the ESD-safe hand-piece. The CV-5210 also features:

• 2.8” color LCD touchscreen with easy-to-see graphics
• Communications Port for process traceability data and firmware graphics
• Precise tip temperature display
• Integrated Net Power Meter and graph
• Patented Chip-in-Cartridge technology
   o Stores and records cartridge attributes
   o Provides traceability information
   o Protects power supply from non-conforming cartridges
   o Backwards compatible with MX series power supplies
• Password protection

No. 551SO6000……………………………………………………..$799.00


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TT No. Model No. Style Temp. Rating
551SO6247 CVC-7CH0014S Chisel, 1.35mm 700
551SO6152 CVC-8CH0014S Chisel, 1.35mm 800
551SO6184 CVC-9CH0014S Chisel, 1.35mm 900
551SO6249 CVC-7CH0018S 30° Chisel, 1.78mm 700
551SO6153 CVC-8CH0018S 30° Chisel, 1.78mm 800
551SO6189 CVC-9CH0018S 30° Chisel, 1.78mm 900
551SO6250 CVC-7CH0025S 30° Chisel, 2.5mm 700
551SO6151 CVC-8CH0025S 30° Chisel, 2.5mm 800
551SO6191 CVC-9CH0025S 30° Chisel, 2.5mm 900
551SO6251 CVC-7CH0050S Chisel, 5mm 700
551SO6154 CVC-8CH0050S Chisel, 5mm 800
551SO6195 CVC-9CH0050S Chisel, 5mm 900
551SO6063 CVC-7CN1604R 30° Conical, 0.4mm 700
551SO6159 CVC-8CN1604R 30° Conical, 0.4mm 800
551SO6209 CVC-9CN1604R 30° Conical, 0.4mm 900
551SO6267 SMC-7HF6033S 60° Hoof, 3.3mm 700
551SO6270 SMC-8HF6033S 60° Hoof, 3.3mm 800
551SO6212 SMC-9HF6033S 60° Hoof, 3.3mm 900


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