The Heat is on!

An affordable solution for electronics testing.

ETS320 Electronics Test Bench Thermal Camera
Whether the goal is improving product design or device evaluation, heat can be an important indicator of how a system is functioning. The ETS320 helps engineers and test technicians collect accurate, reliable data in seconds and analyze it quickly. Engineered specifically for temperature checks on PCB boards and other small electronic devices in the lab, it saves time and eliminates guesswork by measuring temperatures across more than 76,000 points at once with a sensitive, accurate 320 x 240 detector, to identify potential points of failure. Crisp 3” LCD display. Battery powered and hands free. Ergonomically designed for benchtop use with easy-to-assemble stand. Connects via USB to your PC for immediate analysis and sharing of thermal data. Records standard radiometric JPEGs.

  • Reduce test times – Quickly identify hot spots, thermal gradients, and potential points of failure
  • Improve product design – Know where and when to add fans and heat sinks, and ensure products are operating within specs for maximum lifetime
  • Save money – Improve rapid prototyping and reduce product development cycles
  • Optimize lab time – Offers complete measurement and analysis on the camera

Includes: camera, mount, stand, power supply, USB cable, FLIR Tools+ software.

No. 355TE3950…………………………………………. $2,499.00