Energy-efficient windows
Reduced lighting in low-traffic areas
Automatic light sensors in kitchens and rest rooms
Reflective flooring in the distribution center to reduce the number of light fixtures required
Automatic flushers in lavatories
Recycling of cardboard, paper, plastic, and batteries
Using organic or low V.O.C. janitorial supplies
Implementing summer dress codes that let us reduce air conditioning through the facility
Asking customers who receive cold packs in their shipments to return them to us for re-use
Recommending RoHS-compliant products wherever possible
Helping customers upgrade to lead-free solder and soldering tips
Providing customers with cost-effective options for chemicals that contain ozone-depleting HCFC-141b
Recycling used lead solder tips that previously went to landfills
Using recycled packaging materials
Returning expired solder paste to the manufacturer for reclamation instead of discarding it