TestEquity Corporate Headquarters: Toll Free: 800-950-3457 Fax: 805-498-3733
Techni-Tool Eastern Regional Office: Toll Free: 800-832-4866 Fax: 800-854-8665

Govt. Sales: 800-382-8665

Government Sales:govtsales@techni-tool.com
Technical Support: support@techni-tool.com

Tony Ramey VP of Sales
E-mail: tony.ramey@techni-tool.com

Scott Burroughs
Great Lakes / Mid Atlantic Regional Sales Manager
E-mail: scott.burroughs@techni-tool.com

Toby Harvey
Northeast Regional Sales Manager
E-mail: toby.harvey@techni-tool.com

Dan James
West Regional Sales Manager
E-mail: daniel.james@techni-tool.com

Doug Misener
Southeast Regional Sales Manager
E-mail: doug.misener@techni-tool.com

Shannon Apperson
Director of Vendor-Managed Inventory Sales
E-mail: shannon.apperson@techni-tool.com

Kevin McNamee
Senior Director, Supply Chain
E-mail: kevinm@techni-tool.com

Ryan Fedyk
VP of Customer Service
E-mail: ryanf@techni-tool.com

Kyle Messa
Manager, Inside Sales
E-mail: kylem@techni-tool.com