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With ionizers, it’s really a question of balance. When they’re out of balance they create an excess of either positive or negative ions that are then blown over the entire work surface charging every insulator and isolated conductor. The problem is - an unbalanced Ionizer looks no different than a balanced Ionizer. Until now. Botron’s Intelligent Ionizers display real time ion balance. And an audible alarm sounds whenever charges are detected in the immediate and surrounding area. So not only can you address ion balance issues when they happen, you can prevent ESD events before they happen.


All 3 reliable high-frequency models are network ready and monitored with a built-in LED screen that shows current ion balance, working time and menu functions. You can control adjustments, set trigger event limits, and even password-protect settings to avoid unauthorized changes. Each unit comes with Auto Ion Balance, an Abnormal HV monitoring system, and is daisy chain capable.


With so many clever features, Botron’s new Intelligent Ionizers are a wise purchase even at the regular list price. But taking advantage of our exclusive 20% discount…well, that’s just pure genius!


B496201 Intelligent Bench Top Ionizer
Lightweight, compact design combined with an adjustable blowing angle makes this a versatile and portable bench top application.
No. 205ST4962……………………….Reg. $506.00 YOUR Price $404.80


B496202 Intelligent 2 Fan Overhead Ionizer
Low profile design makes this ionization unit a great solution for ceiling and shelf mounting.
No. 205ST6202……………………….Reg. $828.00 YOUR Price $662.40


B496203 Intelligent 3 Fan Overhead Ionizer
3 fan design delivers greater output and safely neutralizes static charge in a larger area than single fan designs.
No. 205ST6203……………………….Reg. $1,047.20 YOUR Price $837.76

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