Tektronix - Troubleshooting Your Design with Tektronix MSO and DPO Series Oscilloscopes

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Today’s engineers and technicians face increasingly complex and critical troubleshooting tasks. New digital designs confront designers with new problems to find: system integration issues over serial buses, transients, signal aberrations, bus contention problems, etc. And, of course, competitive time-to-market pressures dictate that troubleshooting must be completed quickly and accurately.

The MSO/DPO Series delivers the performance, affordability and portability that enable you to tackle these challenges – quickly and easily. These oscilloscopes help you solve problems by visualizing circuit behavior, accurately capturing signals, and enabling you to analyze the acquired waveforms to determine the root cause of circuit malfunction.

Navigating Long Records

The increased usage of serial buses is driving the demand for longer capture windows with high resolution. As waveform records become longer, oscilloscope users must spend more and more time scrolling the display to see all the data. Manually scrolling through data is like looking on the Internet without the assistance of your favorite search engine, web browser, or bookmarks...

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