Tektronix - Don’t Let EMI/EMC Compliance Certification Slow You Down

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Uncover Problems Early with Pre-compliance Testing

“Failing compliance testing can mean design turns that will delay the final product release”

EMI regulations are in place throughout the world to provide improved reliability and safety for users of electrical and electronic equipment. Compliance testing is exhaustive and time consuming, and a failure in EMI at this stage of product development can cause expensive re-design and product introduction delays. In addition, the full compliance test in a certificated lab can be expensive, with costs ranging from $1,000 to $3,000 per day.

Pre-compliance testing is commonly used to catch compliance problems early and improve the probability of a successful first pass of full EMI compliance testing. Today, cost effective test solutions can easily be setup to quickly reduce your time-to-market. This white paper discusses what you will need to setup your own pre-compliance testing capability and useful tools for troubleshooting problems that you may uncover.

“Pre-compliance testing doesn’t have to be expensive.”

Setting Up for Pre-compliance Testing

Pre-compliance testing is not required to conform to international standards; the goal is to uncover potential problems and reduce risk of failure at the expensive compliance test stage. The equipment used can be noncompliant and have lower accuracy and dynamic range than compliant receivers if sufficient margin is applied to the test results.

With the introduction of the Tektronix RSA306 USB based Real Time Spectrum Analyzer, pre-compliance testing has never been easier or more cost effective. Test setups using the RSA306 and similar low cost products are used to perform both radiated and conducted emission measurements that can help you minimize both your expense and schedule for getting your products...

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