Tektronix - Datalogging with TrendPlot™ on DMM4050 and DMM4040 Multimeters

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As the circuits in embedded system designs become more sophisticated with tighter tolerances, new problems are arising during design debug and validation. Parameters like short term stability, drift, and fluctuations must be measured to understand a circuit’s behavior over time. Elusive problems like intermittent transients and glitches can delay projects by days or weeks if they are not found quickly.

To troubleshoot elusive problems and measure device behavior over extended periods of time, engineers must capture and analyze thousands of measurement data points. This requires logging large quantities of data or tracking measurement trends over time, something traditional precision digital multimeters are unable to do.

The Tektronix DMM4050 and DMM4040 bench multimeters address this need with a unique feature. TrendPlot™ paperless recorder mode offers a simple method of capturing and displaying measurement changes as small as parts per million in real-time, without time-consuming setup or custom programming. Utilizing on-board signal processing power and a high performance analog-to-digital converter, TrendPlot reduces a time-series of measurements into a form that is easy to store and analyze, while still maintaining detail...

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