Sturtevant Richmont - Data Driven Torque Wrench Calibration Frequency

Our thanks to Sturtevant Richmont for allowing us to reprint the following article.

“How often should we calibrate our torque tools?”

This is one of the most frequently-asked questions that comes to us. It is obviously one of the most important questions the owner of torque wrenches - or torquecontrolled power tools - needs an answer to. It is also one that has many easily-communicated and rationalsounding wrong answers.

The calibration interval for the torque tools that are in inventory is a large component in the total cost of ownership for each and every torque tool individually and for all of the torque tools collectively. Over the course of years, the cost of ownership for a torque tool is likely to exceed (sometimes by a large amount) the cost of purchase for that tool. This means that each tool affects the company’s bottom line not only when it is purchased, but for the life of the tool.

When a tool is calibrated with insufficient frequency, the use of the out-of-tolerance tool can increase warranty costs (external) and it can increase internal repair costs. If a tool is calibrated too frequently, the cost of calibration, certification, any shipping and receiving costs including normal overhead, and cost of downtime are all wasted. Each of these presents the owner with needlessly-inflated costs - money that could otherwise drop to the bottom line...

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