Simco - Special Techniques for Detecting ESD Events in EMS Manufacturing Facilities Finding ESD in Production Lines

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Application Summary

Electrostatic control of production environments is, for the most part, a fairly straight-forward business, resting upon both general and industry specific experience. Proper workstation grounding, table-top mats, wriststraps and other measures can greatly reduce or eliminate the risk to sensitive electronic components during assembly and test. However, determining that these measures are in fact operating effectively is something that has not been traditionally attempted. The usual approach has been to watch product fall-out and general yield measures to determine if a more effective approach has been adopted.

Fortunately, there is a cost-effective and more technical approach to characterizing the effectiveness of an ESD program as well as diagnosing yield and process problems. The effectiveness of this method allows the investigator to not only characterize the type of ESD event (HBM, CDM, etc.), but also to observe the activity which caused it at the moment it occurs. The payoff with this method is that 1) the location and severity of ESD events can be evaluated during the investigation, 2) specific remedies for each situation can be determined at that time, and 3) basic calibration requirements for ESD/EMI sensors can be recommended if continuous monitoring is desired.

How is this Done?

In any effective ESD/EMI evaluation, the critical elements for characterization are the separation of ESD and non-ESD events based upon sophisticated signal analysis, event amplitude evaluation for interference potential, waveform analysis to determine the type of ESD event, and determination of the exact location and cause of the detected event. Not all ESD events are critical to the manufacturing process. In complex manufacturing environments...

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