Simco - Realizing Ionizer Balance and Maintenance

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The Need for Maintenance

The subject of maintenance for air ionization systems is often misunderstood. The requirement for occasional balance is related to the way the environment affects the ion delivery and ion balance. Environment changes can cause an ionizer with perfect balance to deliver unbalanced ionization, resulting in the need for ionizer readjustment. Such environmental changes are typical as a production line evolves in the course of its normal factory life.

Eliminating surface charge is critical in high technology manufacturing processes where static charge creates a contamination problem. To successfully eliminate surface charge, an air ionizer must provide a balanced delivery of negative and positive ions. If balanced delivery does not occur, the ionizer discharges objects in the environment to non-zero voltages. Virtually no ionizer achieves perfect balance, but an ionizer that discharges objects from potentials of tens of thousands of volts to levels of a few tens of volts is considered to be adequately balanced.

The reason that stable ionizers move out of balance is rooted in chemistry and physics...

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