Pomona - Electronics Test Jumpers For Nuclear Power - Improving Human Performance

Pomona two-part jumpers and color-coded connectors help a help a nuclear power plant maintain the highest level of safety
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When the cost of a human error can easily cost your company millions of dollars or more in lost revenue, minimizing errors is critical. When it also happens to be a nuclear power plant, the stakes are even higher.

Test and test again

One key to the success of testing programs is maintaining configuration and control of the test being performed. Technicians at the plant test the systems daily to ensure their consistent performance. "We have to prove the reliability of the equipment, that it will work like it's supposed to work," said a first line supervisor for a nuclear plant. "Because test leads are used so much, they are required to be replaced on a given frequency or when inspection reveals signs of becoming degraded or defective."

Core to the testing process is minimizing errors due to human performance. There are several methods to achieve human performance improvements, but the common philosophy behind them is to create consistent ways of doing things so no matter what system a technician works on, they use the same tools and procedures with which they are familiar...

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