Pelican Products - Hurricane-Proofing Your Valuables

Our thanks to Pelican Products for allowing us to reprint the following article.
By Kevin Murphy, Pelican Products- ©2009

With the hurricane season upon us and the lessons of Katrina still fresh, those of us in the Gulf States are doing more than ever to prepare for the next big one. The basics of boarding up, gassing up and stocking up are being taken seriously, but have you given much thought to your irreplaceable possessions?

The image of people evacuating with their life in a cardboard box is familiar to everyone but, with a little planning, you can survive a devastating hurricane with most of the things that really count.

First, take inventory of your possessions. In the event of damage, you'll need this inventory for insurance purposes. But beyond monetary concerns, be sure and include objects with sentimental value such as family photos, trophies and mementos...

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