OK International - Fume Extraction - Guide to Safely Managing Solder Fumes in the Workplace

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Why do we need fume extraction?
Today’s Electronics workplace contains numerous hazardous airborne substances, for example:

• Solder Fumes
• Adhesive Fumes
• Solvent Vapors

Solder Fumes
When solder flux is heated above 183oC, a complex mixture of resin acid particulates (smoke) and gases are generated – this is called “COLOPHONY” and is produced from:

• Hand Soldering
• Solder Pots and Fountains
• Wave Solder machines
• Reflow Ovens

Adhesives and Solvents
When using adhesives and solvents, vapors are produced, for example from:

• PCB Cleaning
• Conformal Coating
• Adhesive Application
• Potting Compounds
• Other chemicals and solvents

Inhalation of hazardous fumes causes…

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