Metcal - Surface Mount Removal Techniques Using MX-5200 Soldering & Rework System

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This Technical Note outlines, step by step, the easiest ways to remove and replace surface mount devices, using the lowest possible temperatures with an MX-5200 Soldering and Rework System.


Specifically, this document discusses:

  • Removal and replacement of discrete and passive components (capacitors, resistors, SOTs)
  • Removal of two-sided components (SOICs, SOJs, TSOPs)
  • Removal of quad components (PLCCs, QFPs)
  • Replacement of quad components including finepitched devices


These tasks can all be accomplished using a Metcal Advanced™ Handpiece (MX-H1-AV) or standard MX- 500 MX-RM3E Hand-piece in conjunction with the MX- 5200. Removal of some components may also be achieved using Metcal's MX-PTZ Hand-piece, or the MX-H2-UF Metcal UltraFine™ Hand-piece which uses UltraFine™ soldering cartridges (UFTC).


Skills and techniques are designed to provide even the least experienced operator the power to perform some of the most difficult rework tasks in electronics today. By using lower temperatures, SmartHeat® Technology offers a means of rework that is safer for today's smaller, densely populated, heat sensitive circuit boards and components.




Removing a CHIP CAP With a Metcal MX-H1-AV Advanced™ Hand-piece


The Metcal systems offer a wide range of surface mount cartridges to remove small, discrete components such as 0805, 1206, 1210, 1808, 1812 or SOT-23. Metcal calls these cartridges their “slot cartridges" and in most cases the slot is sized to match the lead width of the component. You must match the correct cartridge with the component you are removing. In a few cases, the slot of a larger cartridge can be tinned with wire solder to fill the void allowing it to be used to remove a component whose footprint is slightly smaller...

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