Loctite - High Performance Structural Hot Melts: Technological Advances Enhance Performance

Our thanks to Loctite for allowing us to reprint the following white paper.
by Scott Tremblay, Senior Application Engineer Loctite Corporation

In appliance assembly applications, adhesives are used to replace mechanical fasteners such as staples, screws and rivets, and frequently improve the overall aesthetics of an appliance. In addition to reducing component inventory, adhesives also decrease total manufacturing costs via automation of the bonding process. Hot melt adhesives have long been a staple of appliance design and assembly as they are less costly than other adhesive technologies and can be easily integrated into the high speed manufacturing processes typically demanded by the appliance industry.

Traditional hot melt adhesives are thermoplastic resins that can be softened and reshaped on exposure to heat and pressure. Hot melts provide excellent gap filling capabilities, bond a wide variety of substrates including pre-painted steel and polyolefin plastics, and offer low to no toxicity.

Newly developed, high performance hot melt adhesives can help appliance manufacturers to reduce product costs and improve manufacturing efficiencies. Yet the most recent advances in hot melt technology are not yet fully understood or utilized by most manufacturers. Over the years, the raw materials used to formulate hot melt adhesives have undergone continuous improvement, which has allowed adhesive manufacturers to engineer several new high performance structural hot melt formulations...

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