Loctite - Adhesives for Fiber Optic Assembly

Our thanks to Loctite for allowing us to reprint the following white paper.
By Edward A.Y. Fisher, Application Engineering Manager & Joshua G. Sherwood, Market Application Engineer

Adhesives play a pivotal role in the assembly of fiber optic components due to their high performance on glass, metal, ceramic and most plastic substrates, excellent chemical and solvent resistance, and electrically insulating properties. As adhesives can bond dissimilar materials quickly, efficiently, and costeffectively, they have enabled the production of many optical components that would have been impossible using mechanical fastening methods.

Adhesive technology has been used in fiber optics assembly since its inception, bonding optical connectors, fibers, lenses, prisms, and other components. Initially, only epoxy technology was used, primarily in the connector market. Today, adhesives are highly engineered products available in a number of different technologies ranging from heat cure epoxies to light cure acrylics, to help fabricate fiber optic assemblies.

By choosing the correct adhesive, manufacturers can speed the manufacturing process, lower costs and even improve and enhance reliability and performance. By their very nature, adhesives allow devices to be made stronger, faster, and more cost-effectively, living up to the most basic demands of the marketplace...

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