Keysight - Speed Up Low Level Signal Search with the Agilent N9340B Handheld Spectrum Analyzer

Reprinted courtesy Agilent Technologies


Whether in the lab or in field installation and maintenance, engineers and technicians frequently have to search for low level signals utilizing a spectrum analyzer. These low amplitude signals can be wireless RF interference, spurious emissions from a device under test or even signals from a mobile handset or communication system.

In most cases, it is desirable to search for low level signals with the spectrum analyzer adjusted to provide a combination of high sensitivity and a wide frequency span. High sensitivity can be achieved by choosing a narrow RBW (resolution bandwidth). However, using a narrow RBW when combined with a wide frequency span normally requires a long sweep time (in order to maintain frequency and amplitude accuracy), which is an obstacle to improving low level measurement speed.

To speed up low level signal search, the Agilent N9340B spectrum analyzer provides a fast sweep mode, which greatly improves measurement speed in wide frequency spans with minimal compromise of measurement accuracy...

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