Keysight - Installation and Maintenance of Vehicular Satellite Communication Systems Using the Agilent N9340B handheld RF Spectrum Analyzer

Reprinted courtesy Agilent Technologies


In satellite communication systems, the vehicular satellite communication plays a major role in many emergency communications such as live TV, antiterrorism, fire and rescue as well as industrial applications like petroleum exploration, because of features like fast and easy setup, simple operation and flexible mobility. To establish the communication quickly and reliably, the spectrum analyzer is used to accomplish antenna alignment to the satellite and monitoring the spectrum. However, because the primary working environment for the emergency communication vehicle is in the field, the interior vehicle space is very precious and when a lot of professional equipment is required for installation and maintenance, the small, handheld spectrum analyzer is viewed as advantageous.

For the installation and maintenance of mobile satellite communication systems, the Agilent N9340B handheld spectrum analyzer can help engineers accomplish these tasks efficiently.

Professional Installation, Maintenance And Spectrum Monitoring

For the installation and maintenance of satellite communication systems, the N9340B analyzer is mainly used for antenna alignment to the satellite, monitoring the spectrum and fault location in the field. The N9340B can help provide superior performance, excellent maneuverability and high reliability...

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