Keysight - Discover the Benefits of Auto Ramp and Scan Functions with the Agilent U3606A Multimeter/DC Power Supply

Reprinted courtesy of Agilent Technologies

In many general purpose test and measurement applications, engineers often use a power supply to provide power to devices and use a digital multimeter (DMM) for voltage or current measurements. The engineers also need to perform instrument programming when dealing with sweep voltage/current signals. In this application note, you will discover the advantages of using U3606A's auto ramp and scan features in performing multilevel DC test from the front panel, without any programming required for reliability test and power on/off test. Towards the end of this document, you will also learn how to use the front panel interface to create and store a completed ramp and scan DC bias method.

What are Ramp and Scan Signal?

The U3606A Multimeter/DC Power Supply is equipped with sweep ramp and scan capability. The ramp function generates ramp signal with length based on input parameters (Figure 1), and the scan function generates a scan signal with length and number of steps based on input parameters (Figure 2), Both functions are conveniently configurable from the front panel to sweep up to 10,000 steps for ramp and 100 steps for scan, programmable to 105% of full scale.

The amplitude end position essentially refer to the maximum level of voltage/current of the signal. A higher number of steps provide a more linear ramp signal. This however will result in an increase of total dwell time. A lower number of steps will result in a shorter total dwell time and a more stepped ramp signal...

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