Keysight - Demystifying Deep Memory Oscilloscopes

This material is provided courtesy of Keysight Technologies Inc.

Let's start with a simple question. In which of today's technologies is only kBytes (kB) of memory acceptable?

  • The RAM capacity of your new 3GHz Core' 2 Duo computer?
  • The storage capacity of your MP3 player?
  • Your oscilloscope?

From the list above, it's pretty easy to point out the areas where more memory is essential. However, when it comes to ' your oscilloscope' many engineers still believe that only kB of memory is sufficient. No matter your application, an oscilloscope's deep memory 'on the order of Megabytes (commonly referred to as Megapoints with oscilloscopes)' provides numerous advantages you'll soon discover are difficult to live without. We'll also examine a couple of common application case studies in which the power of deep memory is clearly revealed.

The Advantages of Deep Memory
Before you consider your next scope purchase, it's important for you to understand exactly why deep memory is so critical. Sample rate, a key specification of every digitizing scope, is not a constant...

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