Keysight - Discovering New Techniques of Creating, Editing, and Transferring Arbitrary Waveforms With the Agilent U2761A Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Reprinted courtesy Agilent Technologies

Today, during the designing of electronic components and circuits for computers, peripherals, and consumer electronic products, the pulse pattern generator is most likely the tool to be considered for device characterization. For most applications, the function/arbitrary generator is used to generate arbitrary waveforms and the resulting waveforms can be transferred into the device under test and analyzed through the device, confirming the proper operations or pinpointing a fault in the device.

Standard built-in waveforms in the instrument may not suit your application requirements and you may need a custom waveform to address your specific application tests. In some cases, you may even have an arbitrary waveform file and plan to reuse the waveform in other test system. Modern function/arbitrary generators normally present a flexible, versatile, and affordable solution to address the mentioned challenges.

This application note will help you explore the features of the function/arbitrary generator such as creating a complex arbitrary waveform by using software, importing and reusing existing waveform files on the same instrument, and starting your instrument configuration programming easily with the free Command Logger and Code Converter functions...

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