Keysight - The Advantages of Remote Labs in Engineering Education

Our thanks to Agilent for allowing us to reprint the following article.
By Doru Popescu and Barry Odbert, Agilent Technologies


The widespread availability of local area networks (LAN) and web access has enabled many useful teaching and instruction processes, especially in the area of distance learning. In the engineering disciplines, educators are increasingly searching for ways to provide more handson time for their engineering students in an efficient, flexible and cost effective manner. This is especially true for electrical engineering departments that may have limited access to laboratories, particularly those with higher cost test equipment.

One solution that is gaining significant attention is the use of remote access to engineering labs and test instrumentation. Unlike virtual web simulations, remote access gives students hands on experience with direct control over test instruments and devices. Many of today's test instruments have built-in networking capabilities, which allow them to be accessed 24 hours a day from virtually anywhere, including from home, a dorm room, or local Wi-Fi cafe.

Enabling Technologies

This paper will explore three technologies that enable remote access to instrumentation and we will offer some examples to illustrate how these instruments could be used in a remote lab environment...

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